I’m Abbie.

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Abbie Bosworth

For a while, I thought I was going to be a therapist. I spent two years studying psychology before transferring to SCAD to major in Motion Media Design. I’m still here now and loving every minute.

I’ve been creating things all my life. I wrote my first book in 4th grade, and wrote draft after draft of it until 7th grade, when I decided it really just wasn’t that good. I now write every day and I like to think I’ve improved a bit since then. You can read my things on Medium, if you’d like.

My love of books and writing led to me writing my first song at the age of twelve. It was a song about the moon, and I found the melody at the beach with my family. At twenty-one, I’ve released an album, an EP, and a few singles. Again, I like to think I’ve improved since that day by the sea.

And now, I find that I really enjoy making things on the computer. Motion graphics is a relatively new passion for me, but I love it because it’s been easy to incorporate my other artistic strengths into it. It’s art and design and music and storytelling, all mashed together. It seems like a fitting field for me. I don’t have to pick just one thing.




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