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In my own music I can express myself in ways that simple words can’t. Enjoy!

3 Mirrors (Original)

3 Best for Last (Original)

3 One Day (Original)

3Strong (Original)


4I Can't Tell (Original)

4Strong (Original)

4I'm Sorry (Original)

4Fairytales (Original)

4This Place (Original)

4La Di Da (Original)

4Without You (Original)

4Paper Thin (Original)

4Like I Do (Original)

4Never Let Go (Original)

4Boy, Tell Me (Original)

4Gaining Speed (Original)

4 Prisoner

4 If That's What It Takes (Original)

3 I Can't Tell (Original)

This is from a performance my school held for the Holiday Stroll. I played a song that I wrote, "I Can't Tell You". It's about liking someone, but not knowing how to tell them. I hope you like it! :)

3 Like I Do (Original)

This is a new song called Like I Do. It's about remembering the relationship you had with a certain someone and wondering if they still think about it the way you do. I hope you like it :)

3 Drenched - Abbie Bosworth and Tristan Bone

3La Di Da (Original)

This is a recent performance of one of my older songs :)

3 La Di Da (Original)

3 Fairytales (Original)

3 If That's What It Takes (Original)

2 Boy Tell Me (Original)

1 Compilation Video of Green Mesquite Show