An Update

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I feel like I've written, recorded, and produced an entire album in the past week. (I've in fact only done five of the nine songs in the past week, but I digress.) I'm excited about finally having some music that's actually out there for people to listen to. I'm also really nervous because I've put so much time and so much work and so much life into these songs, and I'm releasing them all at once.

But I'm also proud, which is not something I feel often in regards to my own work. I'm truly my biggest critic, so creating something that I actually enjoy is a refreshing change. This project has challenged me creatively more than anything has in a long time. I think I'd gotten comfortable in the music-creating place that I sat in. Too comfortable. Comfortable enough to not want to change or improve. I think I improved.

It's insane having this motivation right after the major drought of creation that I'd been in for a large part of 2017. I "finished" my book (I put finished in quotations because nothing I make is ever truly finished to me. And this book is far from actually finished; I've only written it once), I only have one song left in the enneagram project, and I want to make more videos. I swear I'll make more videos.

That's all for now.


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